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Optima offers a complete product line of finished, semi-finished, single vision, HYPERINDEX® 1.60 & 1.66, POLARTEC® 1.67 polarized, and HYPERVIEW® 1.66 progressive lenses. The lenses feature aspheric lens designs, our new exclusive backside aspheric lens design and industry hailed AR and SR coatings suitable for all windscreen replacements

How To Repair a Cracked Windscreen Without Full Windscreen replacement

Single Vision Polarized Lenses

POLARTEC offers an aspheric lens design for the thinnest, most flattering lens profile and the comfort of a lightweight and highly impact resistant lens.
Only POLARTEC™ lenses offer the darkest polarization for the most effective reduction in glare. Any eye strain will be dramatically reduced and U.V. absorption is built-in too!

POLARTEC 1.67 Offers All These Features:

1.67 polarized lenses for thinnest lens profile
the darkest polarization for the least amount of eye strain
polarized lens design that eliminates glare

Anyone with an active lifestyle or who participates in outdoor sports and who wants the lenses that offer the best performance — the darkest polarization in the thinnest and lightest polarized lenses.


an advanced aspheric lens design
built-in sun protection with 100% U.V. absorption at 400 nm
available in semi-finished lenses
lens surfacing to a 1.5 C.T.

The thinnest single vision lens made or available anywhere. These polyurethane high index plastic lenses are up to 50% thinner and 50% lighter than ordinary plastic lenses and are five times more impact resistant.

The lens has a center thickness of only 1.0 mm, making it the thinnest and lightest lens available. This revolutionary lens uses a highly advanced aspheric lens design, which is computer-engineered into the lens. This incredible design provides crystal clear and sharp optics from edge to edge in the peripheral vision area. It also keeps images in constant focus as the eye rotates behind the lens. It virtually eliminates the unsightly “coke bottle” effect or the “bug eye” look. The end result is an optically superior lens with the incredible cosmetic benefits of ultra thin and light lenses. HYPERINDEX® 166 lenses are available with a variety of beneficial coatings.

Scratch-Resistant (SR) Coating

factory applied SR (scratch-resistant) coating adds layers of scratch-resistance to the lens
provides layers of protection to keep lenses looking better longer
Anti-Reflective (AR) and Hydrophobic Coating

allows virtually 100% light transmission to the eye vs. 92% when compared to uncoated lenses
increases light to the eye so images appear sharper for better vision
eliminates reflections so a wearer’s eyes are clearly visible with no reflection in the lenses
adds an additional layer of protection to the lenses
factory applied so it won’t peel like other AR coated lenses
Hydrophobic coating helps prevent fingerprints and smudges and gives the lens an added layer of scratch resistance

Anyone who wants the thinnest and lightest lenses available. People whose work requires distortion-free vision. Anyone who wants to look their best and have the least obtrusive lenses available. Sports enthusiasts and people with active lifestyles who need increased comfort, lightness, and enhanced optical qualities. Great for children where safety and improved appearance are a priority.


1.0 mm center thickness
Backside or “Atoric” lens design
100% U.V. absorption to 390 nm

D28 Aspheric Bifocals

The industry’s first ASPHERIC D28 BIFOCAL. The lens is a major breakthrough in Advanced Adaptive Technology™ (AAT). The new Aspheric D28, through AAT, will address the needs of presbyopic patients who simply cannot or will not wear a progressive lens. The HYPERINDEX® 1.66 utilizes an advanced aspheric design that provides a clear viewing field from edge to edge. This state of the art design provides one-to-one image distribution throughout the entire lens surface for distortion-free vision.

Anti-Reflective (AR) and Hydrophobic Coating

Advanced aspheric lens design for distortion-free vision
Instant adaptation, comfort, and patient satisfaction with our
exclusive Advanced Adaptive Technology™ (AAT)
Prescription range availability +6.00 to -15.00
Base curves: 1.00, 1.00 extra thick, 2.50, 4.00, 5.50, and 7.00 with
add powers from 1.00 to 3.00 in 0.25D steps
The thinnest and lightest bifocal lenses available
Far exceeds FDA drop ball standards for impact resistance at 1.3 mm C.T.
100% UV absorbing: no additional U.V. required
Quality and consistency you can always count on

Anyone who wants the thinnest and lightest lenses available but cannot or is not able to adapt to a progressive lens. People whose work requires distortion-free vision. Anyone who wants to have the thinnest and lightest lenses available.



“Natural Sight” Progressives

HYPERVIEW® 1.66 is the thinnest no-line bifocal (progressive) lens available. This high index plastic polyurethane lens is the latest in eyeglass lens technology. Optima has created a lens that is up to 50% thinner and 50% lighter than any other ordinary plastic progressive lens available. The results are impressive.

An Advanced Lens Design

advanced aspheric lens design provides clear, sharp optics at distance, intermediate, and near with minimal head movement
virtually no soft focus area, movement, or swim effect as the eye rotates from one area to another area of the lens
recommended AR (anti-reflective) and hydrophobic coating increases light transmission through the lens to almost 100%, enhancing vision and appearance

Anyone who doesn’t want to show the telltale signs of their age by wearing bifocal lenses. People with active lifestyles who appreciate the comfort and freedom of thinner and lighter lenses. Golfers, tennis players, and others in sports where the distortion of bifocals negatively affects their vision and impacts how well they can play. Anyone who wants the very best optics and cosmetic enhancements available in no line bifocals.


A single vision high index plastic lens, made from polyurethane, makes lenses up to 35% thinner and lighter than ordinary plastic lenses. Safer than ordinary plastic because they are five times more impact resistant. Optima was the first lens manufacturer to introduce this innovative new product in the U.S. over 10 years ago. The HYPERINDEX® 1.60 product line is available in almost all prescriptions with two coating options: scratch-resistant (SR) or scratch-resistant with Hydrophobic anti-reflective (AR) the same coating options available for HYPERINDEX® 1.66 lenses. (See above.)


Anyone who wants the comfort of a lighter and thinner lens, improved appearance, and the benefits of optical enhancements.