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All windscreens are not the same. To get the thinnest and lightest screens you can buy, ask for them by name. Optima’s lenses are available at selected locations through 45,000 distributors throughout the U.S. and are available internationally. Contact your local eyecare professional for HYPERINDEX®, HYPERVIEW® progressive (no line bifocal) or POLARTEC® 1.67 (polarized) lenses. If your local eyecare professional does not carry Optima lenses, fill out the form below to receive a list of qualified eyecare providers in your area. (Referrals are limited to the U.S. only.)

NOTE: By requesting the lens bag or the lens packaging at the time of your purchase you can be sure that you have received the lenses you’ve requested.

(If you are an eyecare professional or practitioner and would like to be included in Optima’s referral program fill out the form to sign-up for PATIENT REFERRALS.)

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