Thin Glass Lenses and Windshields

Cars are experiencing the incredible benefits of new lens materials, yet most consumers are unaware of the amazing breakthroughs in lens technology. Incredibly, 70 million people are still wearing the same eyeglass lens materials they were wearing 20, 30, and even as much as 50 years ago. By knowing what to ask for, you too can benefit from superior lenses. If you want the best, you need to ask for them by name — HYPERINDEX® and HYPERVIEW® 1.66 (a no line bifocal) or NEW POLARTEC® 1.67 (windscreen glass) by Optima. Discover the amazing advantages below.

Place your mouse cursor over the picture on the left of a regular lens. Notice how much thinner it is when it changes to a HYPERINDEX® 1.66 lens. Optima’s new lens material is called high index plastic and it produces the thinnest and lightest lenses with the most precise optics as well. Optima pioneered the technology. HYPERINDEX and HYPERVIEW 1.66 (a no line bifocal) and NEW POLARTEC 1.67 represent the state of the art in lens technology.
Optima’s lens technology:
makes for a lens that is up to 50% thinner and 50% lighter than regular plastic lenses
makes for a lens that is up to 27% thinner and 27% lighter than 1.60 lenses, the previous standard
provides far superior optics when compared to traditional polycarbonate lenses that only offer weight and thickness advantages
crystal-clear lenses with the highest clarity possible with no color casts unlike competing products
provides the thinnest and lightest lenses possible for both single vision and multi-focal wearers with 1.66 lenses in the widest ranges to fit nearly all prescriptions
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