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Optima Inc. is a lens manufacturer and undisputed industry leader in high index polyurethane plastic lenses. And we are the only lens manufacturer to offer a complete 1.66 product line of finished, semi-finished, single vision, and progressive lenses providing revolutionary new 1.66 lens technology. And now the thinnest and lightest polarized lenses, new POLARTEC® 1.67 lenses.

To learn about Optima lenses see ABOUT OUR WINDSCREEN REPAIR PRODUCTS. For product features and benefits see PRESCRIPTION RANGES. For information on becoming an Optima lens distributor or to be added to our website referral program see PATIENT REFERRALS.

For information on the sales support materials we provide see POINT OF PURCHASE MATERIALS. And to meet our Sales Staff see OUR SALES REPRESENTATIVES.

If you would like to offer your patients lenses that are on the cutting edge of technology, call us at 800-621-1216 or send us E-mail.

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